We do all that we do out of love for the furtherance of Father God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven and to His Glory!

How do we know what we hear and do is truly of the Lord? Signs-Wonders follow.  Mark 16:20; Rom 15:19. Jesus also said Jn 14:12. “To the one who believes, greater things shall you do…”

Here Are Five Examples of “What  Followed”.

Example One

In early 1999 the Lord asked me to write. He said, “London, Amsterdam Vienna, Paris, Jerusalem and end up in Samoa.  Be gone for three weeks spending 2 nights in each of these places, except three nights in Jerusalem, and a week in Samoa.  At the time we hardly had two nickels to rub together extra (poor).  But trusting the Lord’s leading in all aspects, I made arrangements. He then miraculously prospered a friend through a ‘windfall of a witty invention’ Prov 8:12 KJV, and him believing the ask of Father, paid our way in full.

Thank you friend, and bless you LORD for the miraculous provision! That was the beginning of international ministry. In each of those countries Father had prepared divine appointments ready for us to step into.

Wondering about our home fellowship? The home fellowship continued right on as leadership was already in place, being that we hold to Biblical Five Fold Ministry, and of equipping all for service. (Ephesians 4:11,12).

On this ‘around the world’ trip, Father imparted His passion to us, fully releasing us into ministering His love to “Heart Cries”. Scripture says…”The righteous cry out in time of trouble, God hears and they are delivered from their distress.” (Psalm 34:17).

Example Two

We were sent of the Lord to a small village in another foreign country. He asked us to get a home to rent. After we had been there for awhile, He “sent us” to McDonald’s for lunch. When we arrived Lani got the last table open which was outside, and I got in line to get food. While I was in line, a woman came out of McDonald’s looking for a seat, and the only extra seat just happened to be at our table. She asked Lani if she could join her, to which Lani said “yes”. After the woman sat down, she looked intently at Lani and asked, “why are you here?” Lani smiled, pointed up and said “Jesus sent us!” The woman said, “I knew it! He sent me too from my home 75 km from here, but first he sent us here from Scotland.” It was that woman the Lord used to speak of a particular couple struggling with issues.  The Lord spoke to me (Riley), “this is your assignment, have this woman make an appointment with that couple so that you can meet them.”

Two weeks later, when it was time for our appointment, we were taken way out in the countryside of the mountains.  When we arrived we met the couple working in the garden. I noticed the wife kept staring at me (Riley) puzzled.

We were invited inside the house and sat down for refreshments. The husband came in last, and sat across from me. After we exchanged some pleasantries, the Lord asked me to extend my right hand to the man in the “fisherman’s handshake” (that’s where each one’s hand grasps the others wrist not the hand). Immediately, the wife spoke up, “I know where I have seen you before! When you took hold of my husband’s hand in that way, the Lord just reminded me of the ‘open vision’ I had of you coming to pull my husband up from drowning”! This was spiritually speaking, regarding his faith and trust in who he is supposed to be regarding the call of an Apostle on his life. He just didn’t understand the fierce trials he was going through, thus it was like he was drowning having no answers for why he was in such heavy turmoil. So he was “crying out” for the Father’s help! During ministry Father gave him understanding. One might even say it was a miracle.

According to scripture, the Lord gives signs, wonders, even visions to confirm when something is of Him, such as Mark 16:17,18 and 20; Numbers 12:6; Acts 2:17

A brief note here: Misunderstanding in the flesh can lead to misunderstanding in the spirit.  Here is just a “possible” example.  Lets say someone has a heart to nurture, and a part of that nurture might be a desire to see people who are sick get well, so that person becomes a medical doctor or nurse.  But in GOD’S Kingdom, in His “original intent”, that “nurture”  would relate to the gift of Healing. When out of the spirit, a person can easily misinterpret a call of God, for a worldly cause.

Example Three

Heart cries comes in many forms.  In this instance, I was walking with a brother in the Lord in the industrial area near where he works.  We came around a street corner and saw a little old school building all boarded up, in quite a condemned looking state.

I believed I heard the Lord say, “walk around that building, praying in the spirit, and do what I ask you to do.” Now, Here is the scripture that conveys just what we did. Genesis 13:14-17, When God made a covenant with Abraham; “Lift your eyes now and look from the place where you are-northward, southward, eastward, and westward; for all the land which you see I give to you and your descendants forever. And I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth; so that if a man could number the dust of the earth, then your descendants also could be numbered. Arise, walk in the land through its length and its width, for I give it to you.”

So my friend and I began to walk around it and pray. We claimed the land and the building for the Lord where our feet trod and when we crossed over our original steps the claiming was complete. But, also during the walk we listened for the Lord Jesus by Holy Spirit.  Now, as we came around the corner to the area of the front door, things began to happen.

We stopped directly in front of the front door and my friend said in shock and perhaps a touch of terror, he stammered out “something is coming up my ankle, wrapping around my calf!” In truth, he pulled up his pant leg to see what was on his leg and could see nothing. So he put his pant leg back down and the thing happened again.

I will pause here and tell you, to understand what I am briefly relating, can be learned a whole lot better in a book by Henry Gruver, titled “Cross + Wise, A Prayer Walker’s Handbook.”  Phrases therein speak of, “Don’t take it personal” regarding what you sense, hear or are being shown by Holy Spirit, or the enemy saying or doing, John 8:44.  Another, “Remit Sins”, John 20:23; Mark 1:4;  2 Cor 2:10, 11; Rom 3:23-26; Luke 23:34. “Redeem/heal the Land reclaim it for God”, Lev 18:25 “the land is defiled.” Chron 7:14; Luke 1:73-79. Also, “Innocent Bloodshed and wickedness that defiles the land, Hos 4:1-3; Blood Guiltiness, like that of Cain and Abel.” Gen 4:10;  And, then releasing by prayer and declaring the Goodness of God on the land, Ps 119:68, etc. The shed innocent blood was crying out of the ground, actually manifesting on my friend’s leg.

As I said, my friend stammered “something is coming up my leg!”

I yelled “Lord?!”, and immediately I was shown a vision in the spirit that place was in time past covered in shallow flood water. Then I saw a row boat with two men in it, and one man was murdering the other man on that very spot and threw him out of the boat right where my friend was standing.  Immediately I heard the Lord say, “remit the sins of he who committed the shedding of innocent blood down the generations;” Ex 34:7, John 20:23. I did as instructed by the Lord, and asked Father to send His goodness upon the land and the families down the generations, freeing their souls for redemption, and all else the Lord asked me to do. When all was done the sensation that was climbing the leg of my friend ended.  And the land was cleansed and set free.

We prayed until the Lord said you are finished, and we left.  To the best of my understanding, we had become the advocate for the man who was killed, and down the generations of the family of the killer, releasing them from the curse of their father. Ex 34:7; Duet 24:16. And yet…cont.

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One month later, my friend called from work and said, “remember that building we walked around and prayed remitting the sins of the cries of the shedding of innocent blood?” I said “yes”. He said “I took a walk today during lunch and walked by that building. I saw that it was being repaired and the front door was open, so I went in. There were two men inside, so I asked what they were doing. Here is the story they told me.”

They said, “For three years we have tried to negotiate with the owner to buy this building, but he would not sell for any price.  We, being Christian’s wanted the building for our business, so we prayed and prayed, crying out to the Lord to help us somehow buy this building, Ps 34:17.  We nearly gave up after two years and thought there is no way he will ever sell.”  They went on, “one month ago out of the blue, we got a call from the owner of this building asking if we were still interested in it?” We said “yes.”  He then offered it to us at a price well within our budget, and said “if you can come in today we’ll sign the papers and it’s yours.” “We went right in”, they said.

“I asked the day and date they signed the papers,” my friend said, “and they told me it was the very day we walked and prayed around that building.” My friend told them what we had done, and they glorified God!

Those two Christian men cried out from their heart for God our Father to help! And He did help. But it shows He had to seemingly move heaven and earth to get someone trained to the point of believing what they were hearing from Him to accomplish His will…His miracle in the matter.

John 4:38b “…other men labored, and you entered their labors.”

We were the ‘other men who labored’ so that those two men could have their building.

Example Four

We were sent to a coastal town to walk and pray doing all Holy Spirit asked.  We did as instructed and when finished we left.  A week later the Lord asked us to go back as there was more to be done. So back we went about a half days drive.  Several times He sent us there to do work.

Again, months later instructions came for us to go again to that coastal town and prepare for revival.  We arrived, booked a cottage in an adjacent town and began to wait upon the Lord.  Then one day the local newspaper was delivered to our door.  On the front page was a story of a “haunting” that daily disrupted the practice of a local business.  The Lord said, “this is your assignment, go there now.”

When we arrived at the parking lot of the business, we saw it was near a harbor.  We stopped at the entrance of the lot and waited, then drove to the very opposite end as instructed.  I heard the Lord say, “roll down you window, and speak out exactly what I tell you.”  I did so, I spoke exactly what I heard.

Lani was deep in the spirit, and seeing all manner spiritual events. I, in the spirit or in the natural? saw the Heavens open all around us, the clouds part and what seemed to be a myriad of Heavenly Hosts pour down. THE WAR WAS ON!  Lani and I felt we were in the midst of the battle! Immediately the Lord said, “go back to your cottage”.  Immediately we left. As soon as we crossed over the city limits of that town to the town where we were staying, the warfare lifted. But I was still unsettled in my spirit. The next morning the Lord insisted “pack now and go home!”

Hurriedly we packed, paid our bill and headed out.  I could still feel the war as we headed for a large body of water that separated where we were and where we were going. Once we crossed the waters, the warfare pressure lifted, and we continued peacefully on our journey home.

Note:  I have experienced this phenomena before though I cannot explain it precisely with scripture…as yet, except that it says in Matt 12:43 demons leave a person and go to “waterless” places.  Therefore they would not be inhabiting watery places. Thus, when we were crossing over the waters to the other side, there was no warfare.  Up to the water’s edge we were being harassed.  But once we started over the body of water, the harassing lifted completely.

Why were we there on this assignment?  Because the Lord asked us, and we hear His ask and do.  But more so, I believe that locally the righteous cried out for a lasting move of Almighty God. Father heard and set out to deliver them into that for which they had cried out. To accomplish that, the Lord had us walk, pray and remit the cries of innocent blood, and the tearing down of strongholds, and giving the land back to Him.  Father went in and cleaned house (so to speak). He was surely prepping that town so that He could move freely…and that what He/we did would last.  Ps 34:17.  It was a miracle.

Also. that business (and some of the ships in that harbor) were no longer “haunted (by demons)”, I was told the Lord did an even greater work than I even had anticipated.  He had made that town ripe for revival and harvest!  We have never been back since, our work was finally done.

Example Five

The Lord sent us to BC to speak to a man. Everything we shared with him was exactly what he had heard from someone else recently, but he couldn’t believe what he heard from the first person because it was outside his normal realm of Christian understanding. So the Lord sent us. Every word we spoke was a confirmation so that he was sent on the spiritual path the Lord needed.  2 Cor 13:1

When he implemented one of the things, tithing, (not just giving) the very next month his business income went from the normal $5,000.00 monthly to $35,000.00. He called us overcome with joy! Signs followed!

Every story a miracle.

Bless you beloved! 

Agree with us for the LORD’S Provision Keeping us on the field.

Matt 18:19