Riley and Lani Brown
Riley and Lani BrownYielding to the call of GOD-YHVH on their lives, Riley and Lani's desire above all things, is that our heavenly Father be glorified. Their lives are given to this through surrender as the open door to the heart of Father. They are intent on pleasing Him through faith, in the forward flow of "hear and do", reaching out with Father's love to the heart cries of the ones to whom He sends them. And as they move forward in this, Holy Spirit is making their joy full and fruit to remain...all for the cause of Jesus Christ/Messiah Yeshua and Him glorified.

"We have co-labored with our dear Lord since Resurrection Sunday 1977.  But only since becoming "completed" in the Holy Spirit Acts  8:14-17 when holy boldness began to come upon us in 1993, has the realm of Father's heart been truly opened to us. Our call and commission is Love, simple as the uttermost parts of the earth." Matt 1:8.

I was raised lack luster Presbyterian, and Lani was raised Roman Catholic (Latin)

In 1976 My wife Lani lead the way for her, our 5 year old son and me to attend a tiny Disciples of Christ Church in Aloha, Oregon. We went forward Resurrection Sunday 1977 and received Jesus as Savior and Lord. When we moved to Portland in 1980 we began attending Greater Portland Bible Church and we three were baptized by immersion. In 1989 we started attending Beaverton Christian Church as they were ‘experimenting’ spiritual, but at night we attended Jubilee Fellowship in Tigard, they were well into spiritual. In ’91 we left Beaverton Christian and moved to Dutch Harbor, Alaska as I thought we were going there to get an Alaska state job. It was here I received baptism/completion with the Holy Spirit and tongues…and it was here Holy Spirit put me straight into the ‘crucible’ of “be holy for I am holy. ”Lev 11:19-20, 1 Peter 1:16” My baggage was beginning to be unpacked! I thought I would die!!! I survived “3” three hour deliverance sessions in Washington State, and one with Ken Thornberg. He did the most.

1993 the Lord spoke aloud to me to start a house church. In 1999 when He had trained us ready, He sent my wife and I around the world to minister in 6destinations, the 6th being American Samoa where we ministered for 8 months. He then moved us to New Zealand for nearly a year. We also ministered in Sydney, and Perth Fremantle, Australia

Then by the grace of our dear Lord in 2004, at the audible voice of the LORD, when we were applying for our third attempt at New Zealand residency, the Lord spoke, “Riley, if your dad had received his call to New Zealand, you would have been born here, and residency would not be an issue.” I was stunned! I did not know my dad was called to New Zealand. My dad died at age 52. Then the Lord offered and I accepted His call and commissioning to minister to New Zealand and the South Pacific island countries even unto today.

Included in ministry as the Lord wills as a Seer, I observe visions. Also, though not exclusively, as a prayer walker I have been blessed to be a part of receiving and working in the area of Miracles, Signs and Wonders. I am moderately prophetic. I do not speak in and of myself, but as the Lord speaks, I speak only what the Lord gives me to say.  I am not known as a pulpit minister, but one on one.  I love worship, especially with music. I have completed and published a children’s book in five volumes but have only publish book one, “Nort of the Purple Flowers” by Dean Riley. I have written another book about how the Lord uses me and can as well use you, titled: “Miracles Are For Those Who Can” by Riley D. Brown


In 1999 the Lord began to lead Riley and Lani to travel to Europe, Israel and the South Pacific, ministering His love. They have returned often to the island countries of the South Pacific and New Zealand spending extensive time waiting on the Lord, nurturing ministries and receiving the same.

Note: In 2004 while flying through San Francisco on our way back to Auckland, NZ the Lord spoke out loud and clear to me, "This is your airplane (the one we were flying on)." It was a Boeing 737-300. I (and my wife of 53 years who has now departed into Heaven) have been expecting it for years! I/we have had visions of it, have seen parts of it in the spirit being assembled, we had been sent by the Lord to Renton, Washington state to tour the 737 plant, and even watch the take off of a 737 for test flight. The Lord even miraculously materialzed money into my hand for us to go have lunch at a restaurant that overlooked the Renton 737 plant. And still we wait as He says "it is not yet time." I am waiting, pressing in to Him. I am expectant!

I wrote two poems expressing my heart on the matter of believing in my "Miracles Are For Those Who Can" book. See one of them below:

"When Peter said, "Master,"
Jesus said, "Come, step out of the boat, and trust me, son.
Nothing is impossible to those who believe.
Miracles are for those who can,
Step out of the boat, and give me your hand.

"Peter walked on water; so can we,
With no more faith than a mustard seed.
But here is the crux,
Matthew 14:28,
You can't make a wish, but for His faith wait.
When to Peter, He said, "Come," His
faith passed into that one.
So it first comes from Jesus, and in our heart we receive.
Faith comes by hearing,
And miracles are for those who believe."
(c) December 18, 2001 by Riley D. Brown

Riley and Lani have had ministry experience in denominational and independent churches, ranging from working in youth camps in Alaska, leading their house church and ministry on Mt Tabor in Oregon (Mt of Transfiguration in Israel), ministering in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and several other countries. They ministered in the house church ministry from 1994 to 2011. Currently Riley attends "Riverhouse Ministries", Boise, Idaho.  Riley continues to minister inside and outside of the US as Minister of Miracleship Ministries,,  and is in missionary alliance with Menorah Prayer Mountain, Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand.  Riley also ministers online, on west coast field assignments, home meetings, and equipping and refreshing the saints wherever the dear Lord appoints.

The ministry has been referred to as an "oasis in a desert", and Riley has even been asked "are you an angel?"

Riley married his beloved Lani in 1967. They were married for 53 years. Lani passed into Heaven the day after their 53 wedding anniversary in 2020. Riley and Lani  received  Salvation in 1977, baptized in water by immersion in 1980, Jesus'-Yeshua's baptism with Holy Spirit 1993, began ministering locally in 1994, and ministering over the world since 1999. Their married and ordained son William and wife Carolyn and family are 'at large' ministers in the Gospel of Messiah Yeshua  with Miracleship Ministries.  We are very grateful to have them joined together in Ministry.

Father has Chosen and Ordained Riley in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua) through "Jubilee Ministries International" Hamilton, Montana, and in relationship with  Sam Sweg Ministries .

Because Riley is fully given to the Gospel of Christ-Messiah, he trusts Him daily for each new adventure of faith and ministry.

"As the dear Lord speaks to your heart, please seek coming into ministry with Miracleship as prayer and/or financial supporters?  Please make contact via the links on this website. We are excited to see whom the Lord joins together with us! Thank you beloved."


Beginning June 1985 to Jan 2023, Riley and Lani at Yahweh's direction had ministered FATHER'S love in these locations:

Oregon, Hawaii, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, USA

Alberta, British Columbia, Canada








Kenya, Africa

Western Samoa

American Samoa

Cook Islands


Perth and Sydney Australia

North and South islands, New Zealand

Camp Liwa/Fairbanks, Victory Bible Camps/Sutton, and Dutch Harbor, Alaska.
"But now, faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is Love" 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, 13.  "Love Never Fails" 1 Corinthians 13:8a.

The call: How did I(we) receive the Lord's call to New Zealand?  In 2004 while in New Zealand we were ready to apply for our third attempt at residency.  Just before applying, FATHER spoke to Riley these words: "If your dad had received My call to New Zealand, you would have been born here, and residence would not be an issue." Believe me I was stunned!  Then FATHER said, "Will you accept My call and serve Me in New Zealand?"  I immediately said with enthusiasm  "YES LORD, I  ACCEPT  YOUR  CALL  TO  NEW  ZEALAND", and the rest is history!  Since my call and commissioning, Father had brought us to New Zealand more than a dozen and a half times. The longest we stayed waiting on and serving the LORD was nearly one year.

"I have learned, in the Narrow Way...Absolute Surrender is the open and deep abiding door to the heart of FATHER."  Riley D. Brown

Two of our favorite books are:  "Absolute Surrender," and "Like Christ," both by the Dutch Revivalist, Andrew Murray. And "A Prayer Walkers Handbook," by Henry Gruver.

Special Notice: On January 28th, 2020 Riley and Lani celebrated their 53rd Wedding Anniversary in Lani's hospital room where she was recuperating from a water retention condition caused by a heart valve malfunction. Just after midnight the night after their anniversary January 29th 2020, suddenly,  Lani passed into Heaven as her heart gave out do to unforeseen complications. Though every effort was employed to restore her life, she passed into Heaven to see her Yeshua/Jesus face to face. Riley, their son William, wife Carolyn and grandson Andrew are devastated! Please Pray daily for them in Jesus'-Yeshua's precious love.

A special note from Riley. Yes we truly have a spirit man. In my ‘Miracles are for those who can’ book, it explains about this. On this topic, when the Lord has need of me regarding someone or even a family He needs to talk to, ‘in the spirit,’ He will set me in my spirit to the mission of bringing the person or persons to Him at His Throne to minister to them. I have lead many there through the most gorgeous heavenly garden imaginable! I take them by the hand and lead them to Him and leave them with Him. Of the many, I recently took a mother and her three children to His Throne and as usual helped them up onto the alter that is right in front of His Throne. Then I immediately leave by the way I came.

And yes, I also was asked to bring my wife Lani before she passed into Glory, though I did not understand at the time why. But this time I was asked of the Lord to stay. I sat on a seat across from the Lord next to Lani who was seated up on the alter. I was there because I am her husband and it is the honorable thing for the Lord to do. The Lord spoke to Lani at length, and though I did not hear all that was said, at one point Lani climbed down off the alter, went over and climbed up on the Lord’s lap, and leaned against Him to hear his heart beat. This reminded me of a song Lani dearly loved, “The more I seek you,” . Then at that moment I was gently dismissed.