Riley and Lani Brown
FATHER, it is said, ‘miracles are the children’s bread.’ 
Our hope as you read over this website is that you learn by our example to believe what you hear Jesus-Yeshua by Holy Spirit asking you to do.  So that your hope and faith increases into truly trusting. Then in that believing and serving, your co-laboring with the Lord bears abundant fruit.  How do we know what we hear and respond to is of the Lord?  Signs and Wonders follow! Mark 16:16-17 & 20; 2 Cor 12:12; John 2:5-11.  As you read on down this page you will come to “signs follow” click for examples of  “what  followed”.


“Miracles Are For Those Who Can” is a guide to increasing trust to believe what you hear Holy Spirit convey. Examples are given as to what it might look like when  you are asked to do something, and how it works out to completion?  This book is Riley’s life in the Lord’s leading since 1992 after receiving completion/baptism in the Holy Spirit.
“Miracles Are For Those Who Can is now available online through Barnes and Noble.  Please click this link or copy and paste to address bar: 
Please purchase copies to increase your faith, growth and trust walk in the Lord also.  
The Lord specifically instructed me/Riley to publish Miracles.  It is written so that nearly anyone can understand. There are many different examples of how the Lord makes contact. Learn to “expect the unexpected” with the Lord.  If just one person reading this book catches what God Almighty can do through them,  think of the mighty deeds they and the Lord could accomplish together! Is that one person…YOU?
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Return from Down Under.

When we last returned from three months in New Zealand co-laboring with Father YHVH in accomplishing eight very needed assignments, He assured us we helped Him restore more of His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

During that time, because we are in missionary fellowship with  “Menorah (Holy) Prayer Mountain” in Porirua, Wellington, we stayed in their visiting minister’s accommodation. Our room with ensuite was very nice. It was in the home of the Siava family which saved us a huge cost for accommodations and meals.  Bless you Siava’s! This homestay provision was definitely a “Wonder from Father”! Menorah is under the leadership of Dr. Benjamin and Simotu Williams and their son Timo and Righteous Williams.

When we arrived at the airport in Wellington surprisingly Dr. Williams himself was the one there to pick us up.  From that point forward we had Wonders given by Father to accomplish all things.  YHVH had such an enormous plan of multiples of provisions set out for us that we would be overwhelmed by His generosity!  Menorah Prayer Mountain Church and Ministries, and Dr. Ben and Simotu Williams, their whole family and congregation received us with open arms. In fact, they asked us to be ministry partners with them, what an honor!  We are thoroughly and exceedingly blessed!  We Bless  and thank you FATHER YHVH!

Everywhere we were sent of the LORD in New Zealand, doors opened, we were accepted, we stayed as long as needed, and we were accommodated exceptionally well! GOD was with us!  Matt 11:10-13a

Let us tell you of another “Awesome Miracle” while attending and serving at Menorah.  On one Sunday when it was offering time, I heard Holy Spirit ask me, “empty your wallet into the basket”.  So, I emptied my wallet into the offering.  After church as we were walking out to the hall, a woman came up to us and said “it would be my honor, I want  to pay for all of your inside New Zealand ministry airfares, for all of your trips.” That beloved is the ‘sign that followed’ for my obedience .   YHVH, you are oh so very good to us!

When in Portland we were trying to raise support for those airfares, yet didn’t receive even barely enough to pay for half of one, we were a bit discouraged.  But we had made the promise to YHVH (LORD) that we were going to New Zealand no matter what.  Faith has substance beloved!

Our Call and Commission is Love.

Our Heavenly Father called us (Riley and Lani) to hear and do, to go wherever His need sends without question, to do things others will not or cannot do. We have ministered His love locally and over the world since 1994.  We are surrendered, we are not our own, we are bought with the price of Jesus’-Yeshua’s blood. “We are crucified with Christ-Messiah: nevertheless we live; yet not us, but Messiah lives in us: and the life which we now live in the flesh we live by the faith of the Son of God-Yeshua, who loved us, and gave Himself for us.” Gal 2:20

Our preparation began in 1993 after we received completion in Holy Spirit (Acts 19:2-6). In 1994 YHVH then asked us to start a fellowship in our home, a training ground for equipping the Beloved, and being equipped ourselves.  We continued in leadership until 2011, though in 2004 the fellowship had moved to the other leader’s homes around the city for more growth and share in the house church experience.  In 2011 we chose to retire from Eldership to pursue Miracleship Ministries full time.


Our Return Down Under.

Lani and I are expecting to return to the South Pacific and New Zealand. We have more assignments given. We are trusting our soon provision to return.  

Note: Regarding the sabbatical from ministry so Lani could have the heart surgery?  Well, she has made a marvelous recovery.  However, now I must have knee replacement surgery. Soon as I am squared away, the Lord will be ready for our physical return to continue our the Southern hemisphere call.

While we work toward this, we pray GOD speaks to your heart to help us financially.  Please scroll to the top and click on the Giving tab. We are a not for profit. Tax receipt provided in the USA.  Please Agree with us for the LORD’S Provision to return us soon.  Matt 18:19 “Where two (or more) agree as touching/asking anything, it shall be done for them.”

To see more of the ways the Lord uses us, please click “Signs Follow” below.   Be blessed! Riley and Lani 


Signs Follow »  <<click here, for many more examples of how the Lord ministers through us.

Also…Note Special Need:  At the top far right please click the “needs” link and assist our Friend and Christian Author, Martin Carlson by purchasing one or more of his books for youths, ages 6 to 16. I believe the illustrations within by a world renowned artist are more than well worth the book itself!

In Jesus’-Yeshua’s precious love, Riley and Lani Brown

Note: Miracleship Ministries is benevolent in its very nature and purpose. We are committed to improving lives by serving the Body of Christ Jesus’/Messiah Yeshua’s love. We are especially sent to help leaders find solutions to the dilemma that has overtaken them (heart  cries). Please help support this work of the Lord by clicking on the Donations link at the top.

Miracleship  definition: Miracleship is relational. It is the relationship between the doer or accomplisher which is us, and the giver or benefactor which is Yahweh our Father and Holy Spirit.

I have heard it said, “Yahweh is the creator of the miracle, Yeshua/Jesus is fully in agreement and Holy Spirit brings it to pass.”  And through whom does He bring it to pass?  Through us who belong to the Family of Yahweh by Messiah Yeshua’s redemption. We are the ones through whom He has given it to accomplish.

Bless you!  Please agree with us for YHVH YIREH’S Provision to this ministry.  Matt 18:19