We do all that we do out of love for the furtherance of YHVH’S/GOD’S Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven, and to His Glory, in Messiah Yeshua’s name. 
When the righteous cry out for GOD’s help and it seems to go unmet because everyone He asked to help could not or would not, He sends us. We,  like a ‘last resort’ trouble shooter go anywhere in the world to help deliver them from their distress.  Ps 34:17
How do we know what we hear and do is truly of the Lord? Signs-Wonders follow. Mark 16:17-18. Jesus-Yeshua also said Jn 14:12. "To the one who believes, greater things shall you do..."
Everything you read here has to do with believing you are hearing the Lord Holy Spirit and doing as He asks without doubting.  May these examples increase your faith and trust, and also give you greater understanding of how the LORD-YHVH 'makes our lives count for His Kingdom.' 
Example One
During the early training days of the Fellowship we held in our home, my wife Lani was "crying out to the Lord" (Psalms 34:17) regarding having bare cup-boards and only a few dry beans and lentils. I went to the table where she was sitting and asked what was wrong. As she explained, the Lord spoke to me to get up, go into our bedroom and look under the cover on our computer keyboard. I did as instructed, I did not doubt, and there lay a $100.00 bill (it was a miracle because no other mortal had access to our bedroom). Immediately the Lord spoke, "take her grocery shopping", and we did praising Him and testifying His goodness all the way!  Is 55:11
That was the first of many miracles with Him teaching and increasing our trust in His provision. From then on He trained and stretched us in "hear and do", trusting Him in whatever He asked.

Example Two

In early 1999 the dear Lord asked me to write. He said, "London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Paris, Jerusalem and Samoa. Be gone for three weeks. I made the arrangements not knowing where the money would come from? He then quite supernaturally prospered a friend who was as poor as we were. How was he prospered? Through a 'witty invention!' Prov 8:12KJV.  He trusting the ask of Father, paid our way in full. Thank you friend, and bless you Lord for the needed provision! That was the beginning of international ministry. In each of those countries Father had prepared divine assignments ready for us to step into.
Example Three

Here is the exciting part missing from our book, ‘Miracles Are For Those Who Can.’ In the book you read only part one about what brought us to this point “My friend stammered, something is coming up my leg,” was available and that you had to come here for the ‘rest of the story.’  

But, I’ve decided to tell you the whole story right now.

“One day I drove across town to have lunch with a brother in the Lord at his work place in the industrial area of the largest city in our state. But, instead of eating we decided to take a walk.  So off we went through the industrial blocks  here and there.  As we came around a corner we spied a delapedated old building that looked to us like an old school house.   We stoped and asked the Lord if He wanted us to do anything there or just go on?  His reply was to get in the spirit, walk completely around the building waiting on Holy Spirit and do whatever you are asked to do. So we bagan to walk around it.”

When we got all the way around to the front door area, things began to happen! My friend cried out in a touch of terror, “something is coming up my leg and wrapping around my calf!” He pulled up his pant leg to see, saw there was nothing there, so put his pant leg down and it happened again!

While this was going on with my friend, I was having a vision. I saw in the spirit a row boat in water in front of that building and I was given to know that in time past that area was covered in shallow flood water.  There were two men in that row boat, and one of man was murdering the other man, and threw him out of the boat exactly where my friend was standing. 

Immediately I heard the Lord say to me, speak out, “I Remit the cries of the shedding of innocent blood, and I remit the sins of he who committed the shedding of innocent blood down the generations, in Jesus name.” (Exo 34:7; John 20:23).  I did as instructed by the Lord, and asked Father to send His goodness upon the land and the families down the generations, freeing their souls for redemption…and all else the Lord asked.

When all was done, the sensation that was climbing the leg of my friend ended. The land was now cleansed and set free for the Lords purpose.

One month later:

My friend called me a month later and said. “I was taking a walk today and decided to go by that old condemned schoolhouse. To my surprise the windows were unboarded and the front door was open, so I went in. Inside were two men. I introduced myself and mentioned that we were out walking one day and came to this boarded up building. I asked what they were going to do with the building. Here is what they said.”

They said, “We are Christian businessmen and wanted this building for our business. We had tried for several years to make a deal with the building owner to sell it to us, crying out to the Lord to intervene? Ps 34:17. We finally came to the conclusion he would never sell to us for any price.  Last month ‘out of the blue’ we got a call from the owner who asked us if we were still interested in buying the building? We said “yes!” So he offered it to us well within our budget and said, “if you come in today, we can sign all the papers and it is yours!”  We went right in!”

My friend said, “when they were through explaining I told the what we had done and what day and date we did it.” They went ballistic, jumping up and down, praising the LORD!!  It was the very day the owner called them in to buy the building! 

Ps 34:17 reads, “The righteous cry out, God hears and delivers them from their distress.” These righteous business men cried out for God’s intervention! Yet, God in His wisdom and timing had to find people who would beleive Him when He asked them to do unusual things. We are those people!

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Example Four

One day in 2011 the Lord asked our son Will to ask me to seek the Lord if we were to call a specific friend and ask if we could come stay with him? The friend said "yes, please do." After we had stayed for a short time our friend became very ill and could not communicate. An ambulance was summoned and he was taken to the hospital. The doctor said if our friend had not come to the hospital just then, death would have occurred, as the illness was so severe.
By our heeding our son's request, and the ask of GOD to go visit this friend immediately, we were there when he became deathly ill. We did not know our friend had been struggling with health issues, but, our Father knew the condition of his health and sent us to help save that life. GOD was not ready to receive him home to heaven at that time, as there is so much more work for him to do here in His Kingdom on earth.
Thank you son for heeding the ask of the Lord in asking me to seek Father regarding visiting our family friend. Thank you Lord for fine turning us to "hear and do" and believe whatever You ask!!! It was a miracle!

Romans 15:19:"In mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God, so that from Jerusalem and round about to Illyricum I have fully preached the gospel of Christ." The emphasis is not on the signs but on the message of love they bear witness too, which is the gospel working. Bless you Lord!
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